DASH Data Shapes

Platform-independent extensions of SHACL for common tasks.
Stuff that could become an official standard in the future.

This site is hosting the DASH Data Shapes Vocabulary (Turtle, JSON-LD, RDF/XML)
Active Data Shapes add domain-specific executable actions to knowledge graphs
DASH Constraint Components a library of reusable constraint types
DASH Multi-Functions a SHACL extension for defining (SPARQL) functions that return multiple bindings
DASH Suggestions Vocabulary a data model to represent fixes for constraint violations
DASH Templates Vocabulary a vocabulary to represent and share parameterizable SPARQL queries
DASH Test Cases Vocabulary a data model to represent test case
Form Generation using SHACL and DASH use of SHACL shapes to describe user interfaces, esp form layouts
DASH Property Roles and Resource Summaries a simple vocabulary helping user interface tools produce compact summaries
Reification Support for SHACL support for making statements about statements
Also here: a SHACL version of schema.org.

Contact: Holger Knublauch